Flip Flop! Deluxe Slot Machine

International Gaming Technology has a now a growing list of Reel Touch slot machines that include Deluxe Flip Flop!. Reel Touch games features a "touch screen" option besides the normal features of other popular IGT machines. Touch screen technology offers an easier time for players to navigate, a better screen graphics and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

Flip Flop! Deluxe slot machines have something to do about a frog, which is challenged to find his way across a pool full of lily stuffs. The pictures on the screen include several creatures that live on a dew pond, such as fireflies and turtles and strangely, clams.

The Machine Specs

The first Flip Flop! Slots game works on a 5-reel with 9-line slot machine. The maximum stakes on such slots game is forty five credits, at the same time 125,000 coins is the top prize. Flip Flop Slots have some different versions, which include the Flip Flop! Deluxe slots machine.

Flip Flop! Deluxe slots other editions work with a 5-reels, 9 paylines, nevertheless these include special and better options. As an example, there is a 90-coin version which gives away a 250,000 coins payoff. Another version is Flip Flop machine's 180-coin game with a jackpot of 500,000 coins.

As a final point, you might sporadically find the odd 300-coin version, which offers a 20,000 coin fixed top prize. This 300-coin version is part of a network of progressive jackpots of Fort Knox Mystery, therefore a bet of 300-coin also allows you for a big progressive jackpot.

Flip Flop! Slots Bonus Game

All edition of Flip Flop! Slots contain the flip flop bonus round. When 3 to 5 frog scatter icons emerge onscreen, the Flip Flop! Deluxe bonus round is generated. You will find a pond filled with lily pads. Choose the one you wish for the frog to jump into. When the frog sets foot, the lily stuff will disclose a coin value you just won. If the toad slips off the stuff, it ends the bonus game.

Some of these unusual pads may consist of double, triple and 5 times money multipliers, that largely boosted the amount of money that winners can get all through the bonus game.

Flip Flop! Other Bonus Round

Three other bonus games are in store on Flip Flop! Deluxe Slots. These bonus games are triggered if 2 to 4 game specific icons appear on the monitor, together with the bonus icon on the 3rd reel.

For example, the Fire Fly Bonus Round is kicked off by the Firefly symbol. The Clam Dive Bonus Round is generated by 2 or more Clam symbols opposite the bonus icons. Flip Flop! Deluxe Turtle Beach Bonus Game is triggered if 2 or more turtles come out with the bonus icons.

Each one of these bonus rounds has identical game procedure. You'll be faced with several numbers of icons of this creature, and you decide on one of them. When the choice is made, the machine discloses what amount you've won.

Flip Flop! Symbols on the First Payline

The top prize is hit as soon as five Flip Flop! frog symbols appear on the1st payline.

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