Slot Machine Secrets of Attraction

Slot machines are unpredictable and cannot be controlled by anybody. There are ways by which you can beat this mean machine, but these secrets have to be learned and applied in praxis and not only in theory. We will give you a checklist on the most important slot machine secrets that you can find in casinos and game houses.

The most important slot machine secret is the secret of the slot machines' built and placement in the casino. The first thing that you usually hear upon entering a casino is the ringing and the metal sounds as the coins hit the drop box of the slot machines. These metal drop boxes of the slot machines are made of special metal that will emit a noisier sound to create the illusion that money being won by every slot machine. This is one of the slot machine secrets that are used in casinos worldwide. The placement of a slot machine also tells you something about the payout of the machine. The highest paying machines are near the entrance and the lowest are near the table games and the cage where you cash in your chips.

The slot machine secrets that explain the placement of the machines are as follows; since it is unlikely that the guest chooses the first slot machine that the guest sees, the probability of losing much money from the house is low, and the lowest payout is positioned near the cage and the tables, because people who want a last game or play slot in between use the ones near the cage and the ones near the tables, which will bring the house more cash.

Slot machine secrets are not only within the placement, but also in the timing, and the payout itself. Every slot machine is run by a computer generated random number generator. This computer generates a random number that is associated with a symbol on the slot machine reel. This computer responds to timing and so much as a nanosecond too late or too early means that you might have missed the chance in winning the jackpot. Another one of the slot machine secrets is that every machine has a payout percentage rate. This rate ranges from 80 percent to 99 percent. You want to look for the 99 percent ones because they guarantee that they will payout 99 percent of the time.

These are the most important slot machine secrets that have trapped one casino guest or the other in their spell. Now that you know how these secrets work, you can venture into your playing spree and win as much as possible.

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