The Slot Machine One Play Winning Strategy

Slot machine strategies have been formulated and tested over and over again. There are indeed some slot machine strategies that are said to have brought home the jackpot, but these could also be merely statements and a advertising strategy from the casinos. Let us take a look at the one play strategy in slot machines and see if it really works and if it yields the jackpot.

The most common slot machine strategies like standard deviation strategies on slot machines require the slot machine to be a equal ratio slot. First we have to define what an equal ratio slot machine is. Equal ratio simply means that for every let us say 3 dollars that you throw in, you can win 3 times the amount if it were 1 dollar. For example you play with 1 dollar and the payout is 10 dollar, then you bet 3 dollars and the payout it three times the payout which is 30 dollars. You can identify these slot machines with the help of the slot hosts or brochures that can be availed at the slot hosts counter.

When you have found an equal ratio slot machine, you can start to use the one play strategy. You take your seat at that slot machine, start to play and wait for the payout. Once you have had your first payout, you have to check if it gave you a payout of 1 - 3 times the amount you bet. For example, if you placed one dollar as a wager and if you get a payout that is either 1, 2 or 3 dollars, then you have to do the next step.

Once this happens, you have to play one more time. If this one play yields a payout, then you have to check its ratio again. If it is 4 times the amount that you bet, then you should play another three times. If your amount is not 4x the amount that you bet, then you should stop playing and try playing at another slot machine with an equal ratio payout. Make a mental note of the slot machines where the one play strategy does work and cross all the other slot machines out where it does not work.

Remember that you should not keep on feeding slot machines when they do not spit out anything in return, and the one play strategy is not a guaranteed way of winning the jackpot, but brings in a good and steady amount of winnings. Whichever slot machine strategy you opt for in the end, be sure to have tried the one play slot machine strategy.

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